Maybelline Tattoo Brow – Review

Hey huns

There are two things you should know about me before you start reading this blog. I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows and ever since 2011 when a girl in my university halls showed me how to fill my eyebrows in, I’ve never left the house without them filled in with some eyebrow product. When I look back at photos of me pre-2011 I think excuse me where is my face? Obviously those were different times when you didn’t have to have precise eyebrows and everyone was still using Maybelline mouse foundation. You are lying if you never used this or knew someone who did.

I put myself on a make-up ban for July as the amount of money I was spending on make-up was getting silly to the point where every time I popped to town, a new make-up product was purchased. Maybe if I was a beauty blogger this would be OK but I can’t justify when most of my blogs are about my baby girl. So when I saw Brogan Tate, a youtuber using the Maybelline Tattoo Brow product and then I saw it when doing my weekly food shop I thought I’ll have to give it a go myself.

The first time I used it:

OK so it’s a jet black liquid on a little brush. I basically followed my eyebrow hair line and of course smeared it everywhere. So I wiped it off from around the sides of my eyebrow and when I looked back in the mirror, it looked dramatically scary so I only left it on for 45 minutes.

The back of the box says up to 2 hours can give an eyebrow tint of a few days and if you leave it overnight around a week. Well I’m not brave enough to sleep with it on.

It also says it should just peel off but mine did not, so I wiped it off. You could just about tell it was a bit darker, but not much progress.

The second time I used it:

I’m feeling braver already. This time I’ve fill in my eyebrows and also add extra shape to them, with less going on to the skin. I leave it for a full two hours this time and the results are so much better! They look so good that I was able to wear make-up without filling my eyebrows in.

The third time:

I documented it this time in photo form…always for the blog. I filled my eyebrows in and gave them a bit more shape. I’ve not plucked them in over a month so pre-filling them in I’ve just spruced up around the sides as I pluck my own eyebrows and haven’t had them threaded or waxed in over 4 years!

I go the full 2 hours again and the result… I think is pretty darn good! Some of you may think this isn’t dark enough, but for some reason mine doesn’t peel off. So I guess some of the result is wiped off and you can get darker shades, but I do like it not been too dark as it looks more natural.



I bought it for £12.99 from my local supermarket but I’ve done some shopping around and it’s £9.09 on Lookfantastic.

Would I buy it again?

Abso-positvely. I’ve used it around four times now and it doesn’t feel anywhere near empty so that’s promising. I believe it’s definitely worth the price.


Does what it says on the tin?

Well it definitely tints my eyebrows and I love it, however…. does it peel off? NO!

So if you see any selfies over on my Instagram, remember to compliment me on my wonderfully self-dyed eyebrows TA!

If you have used this product let me know how you found it and if you liked it?

Kate xx

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