Update: Real life, Youtube and a baby

Hello huns

If you have been around since the beginning of this blog or you have just stumbled across it through the powers that be then welcome and thank you for your support.

I wanted to write a little update about my blog and the direction it is going in. For those who don’t know I returned back to work full time at the beginning of July after having 5 months off of maternity leave and when my little girl was 4 months old. Be assured I will do an update about all that at one point, but what I didn’t realise how much the work-baby-blog balance would be truly affected.

Prior to been on maternity leave I had done a bit of blogging here and there, but nothing too hardcore and now I have a baby I realise I must prioritise my baby girl and work before this blog and my youtube channel unfortunately. If my blog and Youtube were maybe super successful it would be a different story…. but ya know that’s just not where we are at right now.

I’m not saying goodbye by the way, if you were thinking this was how my blog post was going to end. So keep reading!

My job is a serious, time and thought consuming job that makes me sound like a top secret agent but I’m not, they just won’t let me reveal what I do on the internet and I completely understand why. However I spend all day doing my job and I’m lucky as I love it, however it leaves little times to join Twitter chats and comment on other blogs. So any grand plans I had of spending a bit of time a day doing that has gone out of the window.

The embarrassment already as mum takes a selfie

My weekends and evenings are spent sniffing my baby and watching her with great intent. But what about when she naps you may ask? Well I am finding make Youtube videos is a lot easier when you are parenting than sitting down and writing a blog post.

So what’s the deal then? Thanks for been so patient with me.

I’ve decided to go down to two blog posts a week on a Wednesday and a Sunday so there still will be content going up. I’ll also be still uploading one Youtube video on my youtube Mummywho on a Tuesday. 

If you miss me I try and do Insta-stories every day around work and I post on there everyday.

I’m very aware my stats are lower than usual and I may not top the blogging charts, but going forward I’m going to try not focus on numbers and figures and just keep doing it because I love it!

Thanks Kate xx

P.s. I would so appreciate it if you nominate me for the newcomer award in the BIBs 2018 Awards – you can nominate here if you so wish and thank you

I’m also on Instagram and post pictures of my life/food daily – check me out and follow me @mummywhoo


I tweet too and you can follow my daily rages on twitter – follow me on @mummywhoo

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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

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