10 tips/hacks for blogging organisation

Hello huns

One of the biggest challenges I and a lot of other bloggers face is how to maintain that all so important social life and keep to the blogging schedule. I do find it frustrating when you really enjoy a blog to return to their blog and there be months between any new content. I mean jeezzz I’ve gone an emotional rollecoster from reading your January Favourites to your engagement announcement in May.

As a mum, a full time employee and a blogger it can be hard to maintain the balance. Lets be honest 95% of my “free time” I’m making lists whilst watching my latest TV show. At the moment it’s the hand maiden… Nick you are my dream.

I’m currently on maternity leave which has been so helpful for spending quality time with my little girl but also my blog. However when I started this blog I was working full time and I’m soon to resume this job, so I know the pressures that we face to create content and also have a life.

Even if you’re not a mum, you will sure enough face other challenges that may get in the way of creating content. I’m sure you can think of a few?

So here are my top tips that I use to help organise my blogging life


1. Have a diary

I LOVE A DIARY! It sends me into a happy place in the corner of my mind when I get to buy a new diary. My latest one (ft in the image above) comes to an end soon and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve ordered a sexy looking one of Amazon. Having a diary makes me feel so organised and that I have adulating down to a tee.

I use my diary mostly for planning my work day-to-day life and I have a calendar for planning my home life. If I could I would keep them all in one neat place but sadly I can’t go into it, but my diary can be used in evidence in court so I don’t want an important meeting then written on the Saturday “drinking with the girls”

However I do write down when a blog post is going to be posted and what it is and also as I’m a youtube (link here) when my youtube video is going to be posted. It lets me keep on track of if I need to be prompting a blog post/video that day, replying to comments and giving it a bit of TLC.

If you don’t have to keep your diary UBER private then you may want to think about writing in your diary the days of the week when your taking blog photos, when your going to be joining twitter chats, when your editing/writing. It helps so much to know when you’re going to be doing blog-related activities.

2. Create a schedule of blog posts you want to write over the next month and when you want to post them

In the picture you see below is my content I created back in May. I simply write down on two sides of a page in my blogging notepad the days of the week and cross out days a blog post or video is not going to be posted. I then write down what I want to write about and this creates a visual plan of when I need to get blogs/videos written and filmed by. It also helps my creatives juices flowing as if I known I’ve written 5 blog posts about my gorgeous little girl then I should write something a little bit different.

I do this a few months in advance. So if you’re crazy like me I have all my blog post ideas up until the end of the year (yes even December madness!) so I know what I needs writing. I still my give myself room to write a blog post if the inspiration hits. I’m even thinking of doing either blogmas or vlogmas… what would you guys prefer?

3. Create to-do lists.

At the beginning of the week I sit down and write to do lists for what I need to get done for both my personal life, blog life and my youtube life. I then break this down into daily tasks as it helps me know what I need to get done in a week.

I use this planner that I have propped up on my desk to keep on track of when I’m taking photos, writing posts, blog-admin or taking a day off. It’s also super cute!

4. Schedule posts in advance.

In WordPress and I’m sure with my most blog sites you have the option to schedule your post in advance. I normally like to write a blog post around a month in advance and this lets me have time to add photos, make any tweeks and feel less pressure as I know I’ve got it written and scheduled.

5. Write about your life.

I stress this over and over again, write about what you KNOW! I love Harry Potter, musical and make-up, but I don’t know nearly enough about them to make a whole blog about it. So instead you get all that over on my Instagram, yasss queen, so don’t feel like you are missing out too much.

I focus a lot of my blog posts around parenting because a) I am one and b) I work with parents and kids so my experience is always on the up. It’s also super easy to take a photo of me with my baby girl and create a blog post, rather than stressing about taking photos.


6.Take photo & Edit photos in bulk

When I do take the odd more arty photo for my blog I like to create a list of what photos I need to take. I try and take photos in bulk so some top secrets here but if you see some photos with a marble background then I’ve mostly likely taken them all in one go then spread the blog posts out over the month.

I also edit my photos in bulk so I use Lightroom as it’s not expensive to use a month and it also comes with a mobile app. It’s the quicker version of photoshop and you don’t have to have all the creative knowledge. I upload the photos from my memory card and edit them in one go and have them saved in one folder easy to access.

I also do all my Pinterest and header photos in one go so when a blog post goes live I’ve got photos ready to share and pin. I use Canva for this as it’s free and looks so professional.

7. Keep Twitter chat times in your phone schedule

If you are trying to grow your blog & social media then joining in with Twitter chats is essential. I’ve really been enjoying them since starting Mummywho and to make sure I’m involved I’ve got all the chats I’m aware of saved in my calendar on my phone. I have the time and name of the chat saved on a weekly rota so it’s so easy to see what is happening in the Twitter world.

8. Write blog posts when you can & save them as drafts

I have over 100 blog drafts ranging from the full blog post with some that start as “hi huns” and the name of the blog. You may see this as mental but I like to start a blog post when I have an idea so it’s in physical form then and when I feel like writing it, I just go back to it. No one else knows I have a blog post titled “Why I love winter TV programmes” or “A letter to my dressing gown” and my personal favourite that is a work in progress “I know you don’t know me Hugh but… we have had a 5 year long affair”. Would anyone read those? Let me know and I’ll get them finished ASAP. 

9. Schedule tweets/Instagram photos

A really easy way to stay on top of the social media aspect of blogging is to schedule your tweets and Instagram photos. I use Hootsuite and schedule tweets to promote my Instagram, Youtube and Blog on a daily basis, so if you could follow me on all of them that would be swell yeh? It allows me to not worry about typing away every night prompting my blog and worrying if I’ve missed a day.

Every Sunday night I take 10-15 minutes and schedule tweets to promote my blog/youtube/instagram on a daily basis. You can use this app to schedule Instagram photos but I’m a nana who just likes to upload when I feel like it.

Also on WordPress you have the option to schedule a tweet/facebook post or other forms of social media to let people know “Oh hey I have a new blog post” and not beg them to come read it.

10. Have a copy of your links in a note

If I’m tweeting away on my phone and someone starts a comment thread/blog follow/instagram/youtube thread you bet I’m going to want to join in. It can be exhausting to keep copying your links so I have them in all in one note on my phone rather than searching each time for them. It saves time and is a lot easier.



So those are my top tips! Organisation is my love (apart from Hugh Jackman… and my baby girl)

Let me know your tips for staying organised with your blog





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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

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