Pippa’s 3 month catch up


OK whilst I’m writing this let me try not cry, well not too much. I’m an emotional wreck I tell you as my little girl, my little angel who is fast asleep whilst I’m writing this is 3 months old. I thought I would share with you how she was getting on and give you all a little update. I also like to look back at these myself for the memories.

You can check out her 1 month update here


Pippa sleeps through the night now from around 8pm-6am and we count ourselves VERY lucky. My some unknown miracle it just started happening and I can’t say it’s down to my parenting but I am extremely happy! However I’m way behind on my Youtube watching…touch some wood quick! She usually has her last feed around 7/8pm and then goes into a deep sleep which is so heavenly. In the day she has around 4 naps that are around 2 hours long depending on what we are doing during the day. I try to let her have a long nap then feed then let her been awake and play. She naps upstairs now and we have the baby monitor on which was a scary first step!



Pippa loves her feeds and I sadly had to store some of her bottle away as they don’t fit all her milk in now. She has a feed around every 3 hours.


Pippa can hold her head by herself now and is starting to grab at thing which is so adorable. I currently have false nails on and she loves playing with them when she is on my lap. Pippa is a lot more alert and wants to know who everyone is, so inquisitive still which is lovely to see. Pippa is also so close to rolling over and gets so frustrated that she can’t quite do it.


Every time we think we couldn’t love Pip anymore, our heart just expands as she is just the best baby. She is so independent and has a smile that melts hearts. We love it when she is awake in the morning, not crying and when you look into her crib and get greeted by a cheeky smile. The last few months have been a massive learning curve for both me and A but what we have learnt the most is we are both great parents. Oh and that Cbeebies might finish me as a person.

We haven’t seen our friends together since having Pippa and I’m pretty sure they question whether we are in a relationship still.. but someone has to look after the baby.

We would also be lost without both our parents as they give us the chance to have somewhat of a social life. Thank you to both sets of grandparents because I know they both read these blog posts!



It’s so amazing and slightly frightening to see how quick she is growing up right before my eyes. Sometimes when I look back at photos I forget how tiny she was and how different she looked as a tiny newborn baby. It does help my friend kindly made me a baby book before Pippa was born and I’ve slowly started adding to it.

Trying to decide which photo of choose from with my little helper

So when I realised most of the photos I had printed off were from the first two weeks of her life I was so happy when Printiki, a photo printing website asked to work with me on a blog post. Printiki let me choose 30 photos to print and obviously these were all going to be of my little girl but I had over 100 (ahhhhhh) to choose from and had to narrow it down. On the Printiki website you can choose a theme for your photos, either the “retro” style boarder, thinner boarder or no border like my photos. You can also add captions, filters and choose different colours for your boarder, mixing things up for each different photo. I’m boring and just went for plain.

I really love my photos and it took about 5 days for delivery, getting a quick email to tell me when they were on their way. So they have also have given me a discount code so that you can get free delivery on your photos because who pays full price for anything anymore? If you enter the discount codeΒ H9858597 in at checkout this will give you free shipping.

Pippa just lights up my life

Parenting Question

As we move forward and I return back to work soon, how do some of you (mostly the parents this aimed at) maintain the work/blog/parent/lifestyle balance?

I hope you enjoyed this little update and I hope as my blog continues you will see our little family grow.



*Disclaimer: The photos mentioned in the blog post were gifted to me in exchange for a mention on my blog and an a Instagram blog post.


Thanks Kate xx


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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

5 thoughts on “Pippa’s 3 month catch up

  1. Aww!! This is such a lovely post Kate. I LOVE your photo scrapbook of Pip, she is so adorable and cute. What lovely memories. Also agree, Printiki are such a great photo printing service, glad you got to work with them and create such a sweet blog post πŸ˜˜πŸ’• xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  2. 3 months! Wow!! She’s so lovely and I’m so glad you share with us how she’s been getting on!! It’s lovely to see her grow and develop. I’ve never heard of Printiki before but I’m definitely going to give them a try now! Thank you for sharing your baby with us. She’s beautiful!

    Lots of love,

    Molly xo


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