Goals and Achievements (June)

Hello huns

Instead of doing monthly favourites, I’ve decided to focus on my goals and targets for the previous month and the month ahead.

I’m in two minds on whether to share with you my numbers I wanted to hit as they are so low compared to other bloggers/youtubers, but then I thought f*** it.  I admit I re-branded this blog in May and since then it has really been a game changer and I’m loving it! However I need to tell you my goals for July so scroll on down past the waffle if you want and you will see my July goals.

For this month anyway, it was safe to say I smashed all of my targets on all social media, my blog and Youtube so I’m super happy! I have found a supportive community on Twitter and I’ve really got into the shameless self-promotion. So I’d like to think I’ve found my passion, my blog niche and whatever they say makes the blogging world go around.

OR Beginners luck?

The cynical part of me speaks up. I’d like to think this is not the case and all these stats are going to keep growing.

Goals for July:

Twitter: 400 Followers
Instagram: 350 Followers
Blog visits/month – 1250
Blog followers – 150

Personal Goals for July:

Have a full week of packed lunches for work 
I return back to work next week (dread) after 5 months of maternity leave. Although my bank balance can give a sigh of relief, I know the temptation to eat out at lunch time will be strong. So I want to make it a goal to pack my lunch everyday for at least one week!

Buy no make-up for the whole of July (*one exception)
I don’t need any new make-up but that has never stopped me. To help save up for Italy I’m going to not buy any new make-up until August. However I am going to say I may need to buy eyebrow product as I go through mine so quickly.

Get to my next weight target
June is a busy month for me and always is. So I need to be back on track with my healthy eating and exercise and I have a target insight. I want to hit that target by the end of July and if you want to keep a track of how I’m doing I’ll be updating it each week on Instastories so make sure you’re following me!

So there you have it. My question for the end of this blog post is tell me a goal that you have to work on a daily basis? Tune in for the next blog post for the answer to mine…

Kate xx


I’m also on Instagram and post pictures of my life/food daily – check me out and follow me @mummywhoo


I tweet too and you can follow my daily rages on twitter – follow me on @mummywhoo



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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

27 thoughts on “Goals and Achievements (June)

  1. Some great goals there and stats – you can do it 🙂 I tend to ignore the people who state they get 30,000 views plus a month and just do my own thing! Maybe I’m just to cynical these days!

    Hope it goes well returning back to work 🙂 Sim xx #PoCoLo


  2. Love this post! It’s so amazing that you’re setting monthly goals and I hope that sharing them with us will help you a little bit more on your way to completing with them. I’m a fairly new blogger too with a really small following. How do you know what goals to give yourself that aren’t too ambitious? I’d love your tips!

    Lots of love,
    Molly xo



    1. I’m hoping so too! I just base my goals on whether I completed them the month before and it motivates me for the month ahead!! Some of this months goals are looking very ambitious!!

      Kate xx


  3. Congratulations on reaching your goals! Italy is such a beautiful place and will be worth every penny.
    This post has inspired me to go back and look at my own new years goal post, as I feel I’m slowly running out of time to do them (and I can’t seem to remember what they are!)

    Alys / alysgeorge.blogspot.co.uk


  4. Happy to see a mum who blogs! I am expecting a baby boy due september and I started out reading a lot about pregnancy and motherhood already. Happy to know I am not the only one who is in the game. 🙂 would love to have the same post idea as this one. Makes me realize the goals that changed along the way as I transformed to being a mother. Thank you!

    Ellaine | In Betweens


  5. I’m doing SW with you but I’ll be lucky to be at target NEXT July. You’ve done really well Kay and good luck with returning to work next week – bet you’re really nervous!


  6. I don’t know you well but I’m super proud of you for reaching your June goals and I’m more than confident that you’ll reach your July ones too! I’ve followed on Twitter tehe so you’re one person closer and I’ll go follow on IG too! Lol idk how you’ll survive the no makeup one, that would be totes hard for me lol 😀

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


  7. It’s so important not to compare your goals to other peoples, especially when it comes to blogging and stats and things because we’re all on our own journey and in different phases of it! Well don’t for reaching your goals and best of luck with July! 🙂 xxx


  8. Huge congratulations on meeting your June goals! And I’d just like to say it’s so important not to compare your goals/ numbers with others. At the end of the day, we all started at different times, have different niches and grow at different rates. The important thing to focus on is that you are actually growing! Good luck with July!! x



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