How I relax and unwind (*Whilst the baby is still in the house)

If my partner so selfishlessly chooses to work or my parents/another babysitter choice choose to have a life then my normal methods of a relaxing evening are taken away from me. As I nibble on half a biscuit (halves don’t count as calories) and pray the baby has taken me into consideration when she sleeps, I wonder how much a spa weekend away it.

Obviously a spa weekend would be lovely too but I don’t always have the choice so here is how I relax and unwind. Hopefully you will find this relatively interesting..


1. Baby must be asleep.

If you don’t have a baby skip this step. If you have children you will not be relaxed properly until they are asleep. There is always the chance they will wake up but this blog post won’t work on that assumption!

2. Take a LONG shower or bath

I’m not a big fan of baths so my top choice will always be showers. You must indulge yourself in an extra long one until you come out looking like a grape has eaten you. Don’t think about the water you are using or the things you could be doing, just sit back and enjoy!

3. Make yourself a hot drink of your choice.

This oozes relaxation, I mean have you not seen Instagram recently? Put it in your favourite mug and whilst waiting for it to cool go straight to step 4


4. Eat something with high calories.

The high calorie food is normally stored somewhere out of sight, out of mind. If you are lucky you will find some leftover/hidden Easter egg chocolate or Christmas chocolate that never made it out when friends came over. Crack it open, grab your hot drink and relax.

5. Pamper yourself i.e. facemask or if that is too much effort brushing your teeth or brushing your hair might feel like a treat

There is no need to rush, no need to brush your teeth, hair and shave all at the same time. Do each at leisure and if you can be arsed a facemask as you know your Insta-stories will thank you for it.

6. Watch a film or programme of YOUR CHOICE. Peppa pig can do one.

You turn on the TV and you are greeted with the face of the pink twat. TURN IT OFF NOW before someone sees. I mean if you don’t have children you probably are met with the Netflix programme you last watched and the very common “Are you still watching this” shame. You can finally watch the programme with all the swearing and gory-ness (if you don’t go to step 7 straight away)


7. Fall asleep on the sofa.

Falling asleep on the sofa for some reason is heaven on a plate. It’s the best sleep you ever get, but it never lasts. Someone always think you want waking up.

8. When your partner gets home, claim your evening was frightful and the baby took ages to get to sleep. Ensure he must make this up to you by any means possible… (he owes you anyway after multiple nights of sleeping through night feeds)

The door slaps, you jolt up and wipe the drool away from your face. I wonder if he ever noticed that I still had half a facemask on…

9. Repeat as often as you can.


What do you do to relax?

Kate xx

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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

22 thoughts on “How I relax and unwind (*Whilst the baby is still in the house)

  1. Love this post! And that gold cup and saucer is sooooo Insta worthy πŸ™‚ Totally agree with you about sofa sleeps, they are the best naps in the world. Luckily Peppa hasn’t featured in our house for a looooooong time, please God may she never return! x

    Lisa |


  2. these are all amazing things to help you relax. What I would do is a lot similar to yours, I would get lots of blankets and get in bed with a book and a hot drink after a bubble bath!! x


  3. This is a great post, so funny! My sisters very lucky – my four month old nephew sleeps through from 10 at night until 7 in the morning and I’m praying that when I eventually have kids, they’ll be exactly like that otherwise I’ll be upset πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ


    1. Thank you lovely! Haha I bet you hear all about it when they don’t sleep through! I hope they do too, I’m hoping if I have any more kids they will be the same.

      Kate xx


  4. Pretty much the same! And drink wine now G is a bit older! Started getting into my reading again. So glad I have a supportive partner with G I bought two up on my own which was a lot more stressful but satisfying if you know what I mean.


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