Pinterest challenge #1 – Baby Cot Mobile (fail on my part)

Hello huns

This is a collab with the lovely Bexa from Hello Bexa. We set each other 3 challenges off Pinterest to complete and agreed dates to complete them by. So go check out her blog to see the challenge I set her to complete and if you are from her blog, a very warm hello and I hope you stick around to see what other things I write about!

So the first challenge Bexa set me was to make a cot mobile for the baby’s nursery and she sent me this link. Now if you know me personally or follow my Instagram you will know that I’m the LEAST CREATIVE person in the world. It honestly frightens me when someone suggests drawing or making something.

This was what I was meant to be creating:


I did consider giving it a go.. then I realised that I don’t know where you buy felt balls or find planks of wood? I mean I was asked to leave Art in high school and never return. I just was not destined to enjoy the creative pins on Pinterest.


I don’t want to seem like I’m backing out of the challenge, but I’m never going to be one of those mums whose child turns up with amazing looking craft work and ribbons in their hair. My child will probably end up with shop bought tat, the same hairstyle until they are 14 and learn to do it themselves. They will running to their grandparents to sew up their holes in the school uniform as their mother put a plaster over it to cover the hole. What they will get is cakes (I can make them!), someone to watch rubbish children’s TV with and lots of cuddles.

So what did I do for the challenge?

So in a world when recycling and reusing is at the top of our agenda I headed to my two favourite websites at the moment Ebay and Facebook Buy and Sell groups. As the nursery is grey and pink theme with stars and clouds, that was my aim to find a mobile with those colours.

A lot of the cot mobiles I saw were between the prices of £20-£60 online and that felt a lot to me. So when I saw this on a buy and sell facebook group in my local area for £5 I was sold and exactly what I was looking for. I also knew it was cheaper than buying the items for this challenge.


And this is what I got. I haven’t put it up in the nursery yet as that is not complete but I strongly urge you to go buy from a local buy and sell group or from Ebay rather than buying new as you can save save save! We have got lots of great items that would have cost us twice, sometimes three times the price. Baby items especially aren’t used for very long so get your bargains online.

Not the best photo, but you can see what it will look like when the nursery is complete



So Pinterest Challenge? Errmmm absolute fail on my part because I’m not creative, however winner because I got a great cot mobile out of it

I think Bexa did a lot better at her challenge!

Let me know what you think

Kay xx

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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

12 thoughts on “Pinterest challenge #1 – Baby Cot Mobile (fail on my part)

  1. Haha your picture searching for wood had me cracking up. I am the SAME way! The most pinterest-y thing I ever made was a GORGEOUS ornament wreath that I spent about 10 hours on. And then… I dropped it and it smashed all over the house. NEVER AGAIN. I’m perfectly content with snagging great deals at thrift shops like you did! That one is so cute!
    And hey, A for effort :).

    Susie |


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