10 Baby products worth buying!

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Whilst I know I’ve got years ahead of me of buying needed and pointless items for my baby girl, I’ve started to come to terms the fact I bought crap because the internet said so. I mean I’m glad we never invested in a nappy bin in the end…

If you are pregnant or have a young child, you may spend every other penny on baby items. So this list may help you if you are thinking of investing.

This is NOT a sponsored post – I spent my hard earned cash on all these items.


We have the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath support and IT’S THE BEST!! I’ve bathed babies before in baby baths and the slippery buggers make me fear for their lives with me in control. We have the the Angelcare bath and it allows your newborn baby to sit in their little bath without you having to hold them.


We got ours in the Boxing Day sales in the colour Pink, but it also comes in Grey and Blue.
Available at: Mothercare and other stores.

Pram/Car seat

We have the Joie 3in1 Pram that allows us to place Baby Pip in her car seat and then this comes straight out of the car and turned into a pram. It also comes with a flat pram part for longer strolls and a larger part of the pram for when she is bigger and can sit out facing the world. Pip loves loves her car seat and it sends her to sleep instantly.

I can’t find the pram we have, I think it was an online exclusive but you can find various alternatives on the Joie website.

Plastic drawers

This may seem weird to include in a list of baby items to buy. I was strongly suggest buying a set of cheap plastic drawers or something similar to hold the baby items in such as nappies, wipes and spare clothes. We normally change baby Pip downstairs rather than upstairs in her nursery for ease, so we keep all her essential items in a set of drawers.


It keeps the house tidier and you won’t find random wipes stuffed under the sofa or random baby grows hanging off the TV (not always…)

Our mini set is from Wilkinsons and was £6

Prep machine

This was given to us by a family member and A has been obsessed with it ever since. I have to say it’s been a massive time saver and we are in love with it. The machine prepares you a bottle of formula at the perfect temperature in minutes. The only downside it’s measured in fluid oz and the minimum you can make is 4 oz.


We have the tommee tippee prep machine, but it’s an older version. You can buy newer versions from Mothercare, John Lewis and other retailers.

Electric Steriliser

This came as part of a Tommee Tippee set we had that included the steriliser, bottles and bottle brush. If you are a parent, let us stand in solitude for the amount of time that we have spent cleaning and sterilising bottles. I’ve used the microwave sterilisers and had to sterilise bottles in a pan, BALL ACHE! This electric steriliser is the best out all of them and saves a lot of time and effort.

It’s really easy to use, so I won’t explain how to use them as the instructions come with it. It’s available from Mothercare, John Lewis and other retailers. I got the set in a sale and I would always keep an eye out for when it’s reduced as it normally is somewhere.

Baby bag

Are you even a mum if you don’t swap your handbag in for a baby bag when your newborn arrives? Well you want to make sure you have a good one to store all your babies stuff in, but more importantly your snacks, your purse and your tissues to wipe your tears when it’s too much.


You know I love a sale or a bargain. Obviously we got ours half price in the Mothercare Boxing Day sales and I got a bag that A would not be disgusted to wear. I think everything I’ve mentioned was in the sale so far…

Moses basket x 2

This is subjective to what your house is like. Our house had quite steep stairs so it’s difficult to carry a baby down and a basket. As baby Pip is still so young I’m not ready to let her sleep alone just yet so we have two, one upstairs and one downstairs. It saves a lot of time and ease for both us and the baba.


I mean she is 8 weeks old and I’m already wondering how much longer she is going to be in her Moses basket for as she is so tall! One Moses basket is from Mothercare and that was a gift from my parents and we have that on the floor so we can see her. The other Moses basket is from Argos and comes with a stand that rocks.

Mothercare Moses basket – My first little lamb Moses basket

Argos Moses basket -Kinder Valley In the Park Moses Basket and Stand

Baby sleeping bags

I mean babies are already cute, but pop them in one of these baby sleeping bags and the cuteness just increases. They are also really handy have when your little one starts kicking the blankets off and keeps them all snug as a bug. We have two that we rotate, but as it’s getting warming so we don’t use them as much.


We have sleeping bags from the Gro-company as they were gifted to us. We have one with penguins on (my favourite) and a plain grey one.

Available from Mothercare, John Lewis, some supermarkets and other retailers.

Gro Eggs

Speaking of it getting warmer, a gro egg has really helped us know what cover baby Pip needs. You would think a grown adult would know what temperature it was, but I’m constantly cold and always have a blanket on. It goes blue for cold, yellow for just right and red for too hot (we would be so lucky in England)


This was again gifted to us at my baby shower (honestly have one, great loot), but you can get them from various stores.

Musical swing

We call this “The third parent” as sometimes we can’t settle Pip and we put in her musical swing, then off she goes to sleep! It has various speeds and plays various tunes. We love it and again it was on sale from Mothercare at the time.


Musical Swing – Mothercare 

What items would you say were necessary to buy for your baby? I hope you find this list useful!

Kay xx


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  1. My daughter is 10 months old, so this buying experience for babies is still recent! I’ve never heard of Gro Eggs – must get one! So many things you end up buying for the little ones… At least for the next baby I´ll be better prepared lol

    Have a great week!

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