Day out to Blackpool – with a newborn

Hello huns

I’m unsure whether Pippa is still a newborn, some say she is and some say she is only a newborn until she is 4 weeks old and then she is an infant. But I’m not ready to accept she is an infant yet without another emotional breakdown so for the sakes of the blog post Pippa is a newborn OK? Glad we cleared that up.

Today we tackled the God awful business of leaving the house for a day trip. Those with children will have already been through the experience of this, been there and conquered it with a little white flag. However today was out first time of going anyway as a family that was unknown to us so I’m sure you will read this with horror in your memories, sympathy and solidarity. For those who don’t have children who read this (let me know if that is you) then you may just read for the LOLz that is parenthood, recline back at your evening that is wide open and twiddle your sick free hair as you think you will leave children for a few more years yet.

We chose Blackpool for our day trip. Those who are from Blackpool, you probably have differencing opinions from mine and that’s what makes the human race great. We chose Blackpool because A (a 30 year old man) and Pip (7 week old baby) had nether ventured there and it was meant to be a glorious weekend as weather goes for the UK.


The Prep

You obviously can’t just say to each other “Shall we go to Blackpool today?” because that would be stupid and idiotic. Instead we had talked about this for a few days now and we had prepped the night before what we could i.e. clothes, sterilising bottles, I wrote endless lists and we discussed times.

The reality was that Pip woke at 4.30am and didn’t go back to sleep until 5.45am so we were both wide awake then. However the difference was that I got up at 6.45am to get ready to leave at 8.30am, like planned and my lovely beautiful partner rolled over and went back to sleep (plonker). I then had to be his personal alarm clock to make sure we left the house on time…  So as my oldest child slept in I got Pippa ready and thankfully she was an angel from start until… we got to Blackpool.


Blackpool for Newborns

So you may be thinking why go to Blackpool if you have a newborn child? Well we still have to do things and go on days out, even with a child. There is also a beach there and we planned on walking along it with Pippa. My memories of Blackpool was foggy and mixed with childhood memories and ones from a night out there a few years ago.

Well if you were thinking of going there yourself here’s what you need to know:

Feeding – we found it difficult to find anywhere to sit and feed Pip. We had to walk a good 10/15 minutes down the promenade with a screaming baby when we arrived before we found a small cafe where we could sit and feed her. When we fed her a second time we sat by the pier and were nearly attacked by seagulls.

Changing facilities – both times I changed Pippa was a disaster. We found one toilet with a changing facility in it but it was in the Ladies toilets!? I mean in this day and age, they should be in both. I had to change Pippa in her pram in the cafe and on top of the sinks in the arcade.

Activities – to be fair newborn babies will not be looking for activities in Blackpool. They will not be wanting tummy time in the sand and I don’t think they will be wanting to ride the donkeys just yet. However we did notice that when in the arcades Pippa really enjoyed the bright lights and it was similar to a sensory room for her. So whilst we gambled away with 2ps, she was enjoying the bright lights of the slot machines. Parenting 1-0 to me yes?

Community – I’d forgotten that Blackpool is mainly made up of stag and hen dos and we saw ALOT OF THEM. Luckily Pippa was a newborn so not old enough to read some of the t-shirts we saw so we didn’t have to explain “My pidgeon isn’t afraid of your pussy” to her… it took me a while to understand anyway! As it was day time, we managed to avoid most of the rowdiness and by the beach it was quite calm. However if you were to go later in the day/evening I can imagine you would be caught in the carnage.

Beach – The beach is actually a lovely sandy beach and we saw other children building sand castles on it. There wasn’t any rubbish on it and we were able to have a nice stroll along it. It was a shame our pushchair isn’t beach friendly and we had to turn back. Pippa also does not like the beach is turns out and became quite upset.

Parking – There are multiple car parks all within 2-3 minute walking distance of Blackpool promenade that cost £5-7 for the whole day.


Our experience

We actually had a lovely day there. A turns out is a slot machine addict and would disappear, returning with pots of 2ps only to win game of thrones magnets, a flump and bubbles. Due to the nice weather we strolled along the beach, sat by the sea and played car games there and back. However we forgot the parasol for the buggy, we were overcharged for fish and chips, attacked by seagulls and there are no changing facilities for babies. It was a mixed day on all accounts.


We will probably take Pippa to different seaside beaches when she is older and she is most likely to experience Blackpool again at some point.

So there is my honest review. Let me know if you think this was helpful and your experiences of Blackpool with or without children.

Kay xx


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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

15 thoughts on “Day out to Blackpool – with a newborn

  1. Hey Kay I’ll have a look for you on Twitter in a Mo! No one tells you how many hoops to have to jump through to just leave the house with a small child! I’d so forgotten to pack the kitchen sink 😂 loved this post – and well done on surviving!

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  2. Aww these photos are so lovely of your day out with your family! I’ve never visited Black Pool before, but I love being by the side and find it so peaceful xx

    Lauren |

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