5 tips for handling your baby’s nasty 8 week injections

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Can you believe Pip is 8 weeks old when I write this? Well I can’t and it was a punch to the gut, a slap in the face and kick up the ass when I had to take her for her 8 week old injections. I think I would have had all of that done to me that have to hear the high pitched scream that came from my little girl’s mouth. What’s worse is the crying that came from my mouth.

1. Read all about it. 

An hour before her appointment I was scrambling around on the Internet wanting to know more about what injections she was going to be having and what happened at the appointment. I could have saved myself sometime if I had done it a few days earlier, but better late than never.

I’m no expert on injections. I don’t mind needles, but not when they are sticking in my child’s arm. So I’ve linked a few websites here that tell you more scientifically what happens at the appointments.

Baby Centre-What to expect on the day

NHS – 6 in 1 vaccine


2. Take someone with you

A had to work the day of Pip’s first injections and I know he wanted to be there, sadly he couldn’t. Luckily my mum was able to come and support me and she went through it all with me and my brother as children. It helped that she was able to keep a level head whilst I sobbed through the appointment and ask the questions I would have forgot.


3. Medicine

The NHS recommend that you give your baby appropriate medicine after. We bought it in advance and read the instructions first. I took the medicine with us just in case as I was unsure how soon after you are supposed to give them the medicine. It was a good thing I did as the nurse gave Pip medicine straight away and advised me how often/the correct dose to give her.

However gone are the days of sticky spoons, stuck to the medicine cabinet or cutlery draw. We now have a sticky syringe that we enjoy far too much. Pip hates the taste of Calpol and A reports it’s disgusting too. It’s probably because it’s sugar free now too (can we blame Jamie Oliver for that one too?)


4. Don’t plan anything on that day

The most we did after her injections is go to Tesco to get me some Tampons as it was the first day of my first period in 11 months (GREAT TIMING!) Then we returned home and spent the day watching box sets on TV and having super amounts of cuddles. Pip was being extra needy that day, only sleeping if she was being held by me… but I didn’t mind and she deserved it for being a trooper.

5. CRY CRY and CRY some more.

I purposely didn’t wear any make-up to the GPs as I know I’m an emotional wreck. I sobbed my heart out when I heard Pip’s cry. Did I even think about anyone else in the room at the time? Nope and even to this day I can’t remember what they were saying to me, all I know is someone started dabbing my face after a while with a tissue.

Nurses/Doctors/Professionals see crying all the time and it’s perfectly normal to cry. If you don’t cry then it’s also normal!

IMG_1618 2

I hope I remember these tips in 4 weeks time when we have to go back for her 12 week injections

If in doubt drink it all out.


Kay xx

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9 thoughts on “5 tips for handling your baby’s nasty 8 week injections

  1. Aww the photos of your mum & Pip and you & Pip are super cute. This is such a helpful post and one I’ll try and remember when I have children one day. Also Calpol is now sugar free?! I used to love that stuff as a kid 😄. Great post Kay and good luck for the next injections 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


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