The best under eye concealers – my top 3

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Whether you’re hungover, up all night waiting for “the one” to text or your baby has decided they love a midnight rave you will know the feeling of looking into a mirror the day to be faced with… dun dun dun.. dark under-eye circles. We all reach for a good concealer for these darker times.

I’m a big fan of pretending that everything is OK and cracking on with my day. I don’t want Susan who sits across from me to say the classic line “Late night was it?” or “Out partying were we?”. Obviously not Susan you know it’s a Tuesday and you know I have a baby.

So lets avoid the Susans of the world and paint concealer on our under-eye circles so we can continue with life. It also helps when you need to pretend to your parents you haven’t gone out 4 nights in a row, you didn’t stay up all night cramming for that exam and you have better things to be doing than waiting for those 3 magic dots to appear in a text from Barry.


NYX concealer palette

I love a palette and what’s more it’s a concealer palette. When I first bought it the multiple colours confused me but after placing them in multiple places on my face and being called a tiger by Andy in the mornings, I thought I better get to grip with it.

The colours you need:
Green – if you have spots it helps reduce the redness.
Salmony orange and brown – I place both these colours under my eyes and blend before applying foundation.

Other colours:
Purple – Helps give the appearance of healthier skin tones and is perfect for those with darker skin tones.
Pink – also used to cover up darker circles with olive tone skin and for veins (This is what professionals say – as you can see I dabbed into all of them to give them a go at what point or another)
Yellow – apparently good for hiding bruises?

You can use this concealer palette on it’s own or I sometimes use the other concealers on top of my foundation to highlight and contour.

As you can tell I use it!

Collection concealer

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past couple of years or you don’t scour the internet. Everyone raves about this concealer because it’s affordable and it’s amazing. I get the lightest shade for highlight purposes and place it over my foundation, blending it in using my beauty blender (cheaper version of one anyway).


Nip and Fab concealer

I really like the colouring of this concealer. It has a more pinky tone which is perfect for my skin. It comes with a little brush nib and is great for application. I’d say it’s not as high coverage as the collection concealer but one of the top ones.



So there are my top 3 concealers. I rotate between the 3 depending on my skin, how much sleep I’ve had and whether it’s daytime/night time look.

Let me know if you recommend any concealers and I hope you found this useful!

Kay xx


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16 thoughts on “The best under eye concealers – my top 3

  1. Ooh these are some good choices!! I actually don’t really use concealer much, though it would probably help! I just have a lot of acne and feel it always looks cakey otherwise! I love NYX, their soft matte lip creams are THE BEST!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t tried any of these concealers! My go to was always YSL’s Touch Eclat but TBH I don’t worry about dark shadows anymore, all of my friends have them too so we just look past them, haha! Great review and pictures though, thank you for sharing! x

    Lisa |


  3. I used to absolutely love the Collectino one! I haven’t used that one in ages though.
    I thought about picking up the Nip/Fab concealer when I was standing in front of the display but ended up not doing so, as I have so many concealers on the go atm, it’s insane! I might check it out later though!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  


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