Staying organised as a new mother

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If there is one thing I aim to be and am not is organised. I strive to be it and severely fail on a daily basis. I can probably keep it up for a day, maybe two if I’m lucky before all comes crashing down and I’m left running round like a headless chicken.

Many people have told me that having a child will make me more organised. Well when was this supposed to kick in? I don’t remember the baby been born with a diary in hand and I don’t remember a bang to the head that has instilled this within me.


Going out with the baby

All parents have to do this eventually. We have to leave the home comforts and venture out into the wilderness that is life, venturing out with a small human that at any point could cry/need feeding/changing or all three at the exact same time. So when leaving the house you need to the take the entire house with you to prepare for the occurrences happening, even if it’s just down the street to get a loaf of bread.

What you don’t realise is how long it takes to prepare everything! Before it was simply grabbing your jacket, keys and you were good to go. Now you have the baby in the car seat or pram woo, one thing ticket of the list. However you have forgotten to prepare any bottles (if you are bottle feeding), the nappies are not in the changing bag, you haven’t replaced the clean clothes in the changing bag… oh poo you have forgotten to put the cardigan on the baby and now she is fast asleep. Will an extra blanket work?

By the time you are ready to go, it’s dark and the shops have closed.

Tip: So we now have the baby bag ready to go at all times by the front door, with nappies and spare clothes in it. If I know I’m going out to see friends or the shop, I try and prepare formula the day before and then do fresh bottles in the morning first thing. I also keep all her hats and cardigans in a little basket by her changing mat so I can get her ready to go when I change her before we leave.


The baby going out without you

The first time someone offers to take care of your baby without you is an exciting but nervous time. Will they know how to take care of your precious angel? Just in case you overpack everything that they could possibly need in the few hours they are away from you. This is probably the first time you are properly organised.

Going away with the baby

This is a scary idea as you now have to pack for not just yourself, but your baby too. You can’t ask them what they need and whether they remembered their toothbrush. You will undoubtedly forget yours in the chaos that will be packing for a small human. You of course remember all the big stuff, including clothes and their Moses basket. It’s only when you arrive and you swear you asked your partner to pack the formula and nappies do you realise you have a crying baby and nothing to feed them with (you definitely asked him!!)

Tip: I always make a list now when we go away, even if it’s just for a night and can tick off what I’ve packed as I go along.

The naps

The baby has finally gone down for a nap after endless rock-a-byes and cuddles. You have a few hours where you can choose to do what you want (as long as you are in the house) but what to do first??! Do you binge watch Netflix TV shows, do you have a shower, do you put the washing on or do you clean the house?

It’s hard to resist not sitting down and putting your feed up every time the baby naps.

Tip: I always check that we have enough sterilised bottles and squeeze in important tasks such as having a shower, putting a wash out on the airer (boring). Then for the other hour and a half of the baby’s nap I’ll binge watch friends.

Food shops

Some of us are brought to our best during the food shops and some of us are shown at our worst. It’s easy to come out of a food shop with a candle, pack of meatballs and a lawn mower (especially if you shop at Aldi) rather than what you need. It’s only when you are on your last nappy and your partner is at work that you kick yourself as the candle won’t do now!

Tip: We always make a list of what we need from the food shops, checking before we go if need formula, nappies etc.



The middle of the night and you sleepy reach to make a bottle only to realise your partner used the last one and there are no clean clothes downstairs. You want to swear from the rooftops but you restrain as you have done your reading about babies picking up on emotions.

You plan your revenge on your partner, but you know you probably have done it too him too. The doom that is been out of fresh bottles and clothing.

Tip: Try and always constantly wash and sterilise bottles throughout the day so you are never short on clean bottles. We also keep bringing clean clothes down throughout the day and two about two loads of washing throughout the day so we are on top of the baby’s clothes. This may seem excessive but it’s whatever works for you.

Large clothing wash

Other top tips:

– Keep a calendar with important dates/appointment for yourself and your baby (if unlike me you can keep it up to date)
– Have a folder where you keep all important letter/documents for your baby so they are easily within reach
– For yourself batch cook meals when your baby is out with relatives/friend/partner or prepare meals in advance so less time is spend cooking.

And remember we all have days when we cannot get on tops of “things” but this just makes us human.

Hope this helps

Kay xx

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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

6 thoughts on “Staying organised as a new mother

  1. Wow it’s a hard work indeed!! I always tease my best friend why she is always late when we arrange to meet, it takes her forever to get ready with a 4 year old kid but staying organized really helps!



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