5 things we promise we will never do when we have a baby (and end up doing)

Hello huns!

So I’ve survived the first month of being a mother and most importantly so has my baby girl.

You promise yourself that you are going to be a pristine parent, super nanny if you will and other parents will look to you for wisdom. Did we get until she was 3 weeks old before I broke these promises, it’s hard to tell?

The cherished moments of just looking at her

The beginning: You can’t stop looking at her. You want to be around her all the time and been away from her is too much to handle. Everything is a joy to do and when you’re feeding her, you just want to cherish that moment and look into those eyes.

The reality: You have mastered checking Instagram and feeding the baby at the same time (obviously not in public) and now you are 3 seasons deep into that new Netflix show you started watching 2 days ago. You still love feeding your newborn child and love been around them but you also like checking your social media too.

Please don’t be sick on my friend.

A super clean baby

The beginning: Every outfit is just super cute and adorable! Oh no.. our precious angel has sicked up a little bit we need to change them every single time. 10 minutes the precious angel has sicked up again, back to the changing matt.

The reality: is the baby lying in a pool of baby sick or can it be wiped off with a baby wipe?? Baby wipes become your go-to and you wonder after doing 3 loads of washing in a day how you still have dirty baby grows to wash.

OK thanks for taking care of her then mum.

The crying

The beginning: It breaks your heart. You can’t stand how long it takes for a bottle to warm up or when your baby doesn’t latch on, as your little one wails. You feel your soul crushing when it’s the first time you don’t know what your baby wants or needs or you can’t meet their needs straight away.

The reality: You heart still breaks when they cry, especially when it’s the big lung filling cries but you can handle it now. You’ve mastered the art of carrying on a conversation whilst trying to soothe your little one. Words of wisdom from wiser parents have let you in on the little secret that is not going to them straight away,so you have learnt to sit on your hands. Your partners even managed to learn to sleep through the crying….

Isn’t this where all the cool people pose?

Glam mum of the year

The beginning: The first few weeks your partner is probably at home too. You can tag team it so if you want to take a shower, put your make-up on and dry your hair you can do that. You promise yourselves you will look glamorous when you leave the house, so if your Insta/blog fans (LOL) want to take sneaky photos of you they can do that.

The reality: Your partners returned to work and the decision is now to eat or look glamorous when the baby is napping. The struggle is truly real. You end up with one eyebrow filled in and half a bowl of cereal down your top.

Leaving them with relatives

The beginning: You could not possibly be apart from your beautiful baby for possibly a minute! The thought of even leaving them with people you trust is a scary prospect and you are super mum, you can just manage everything!

The reality: Once you realise that your baby is OK and actually better than OK when you leave them with relatives, the world is your oyster! By that I mean you can have a full night of sleep.

So the truth is out there, I’m not the perfect mum but I’ll keep on trying.

Kay xx

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