Holy Grail or Holy Fail: Frylight Spray

Hello huns,

This is a new feature on my blog where I’m going to be reviewing certain products that I’ve chosen myself to review from different categories. I’ve chosen to review products that seem popular on the internet, whether they are as good as they seem aka the holy grail or utter rubbish aka Holy Fail. They will be from categories; Food, Baby, Beauty and Other. None of the products that I will be reviewing have been sent to me/given to me (unless it was by my mum) and these are not sponsored or paid for reviews.

All these reviews are my own thoughts. Who else would think of this stuff?

I’m going to be reviewing Frylight Spray, a staple and recommended product if you follow the Slimming World Plan. Frylight spray is an alternative to oils when cooking and is a 1 calorie spray.

I’ve used various types of Frylight Spray in the past and have recently started using them again when I recently joined Slimming world.



– It’s low calorie and a great alternative if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier as it is only 1 calorie per spray.

– Easy to use when greasing baking pan, frying pan or wok as can be difficult to judge the amount of oil needed.

– A pro for us, but not for the company. There are cheaper alternatives to Frylight in supermarkets that are normally next to them in the same aisle.


– Prolonged use does damage your frying pan/wok but as far as I can tell there is no way around this.

– When you get close to the end of the bottle, it’s difficult to use and you are unable to finish the bottle. I presume this a design flaw.

– It can be a lot more expensive than olive oil and there is a smaller quantity for the price.

– Different types of Frylight such as Butter, infusions, BBQ and grill. From my experience, they do not taste much different or affect the way the food turns out.


So is it a holy fail or holy grail? Well if you are trying to eat healthier or are following a plan similar to slimming world than it is a holy grail, but try finding a cheaper similar type product. However if you can get away with using olive oil then I would still use that.

Let me know if you enjoy this feature and your thoughts on frylight

Kay xx

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