Baby Pippa – 1 month update

Hello huns

As I’m writing this, looking down as baby Pippa who is asleep beside me in her Moses basket I just can’t believe it has being 1 WHOLE month since she entered the world and our lives.

I thought I would give you all a little update about Pippa, what we have learnt and general life. This may not interest you but I quite like reading about this type of thing on other peoples’ blogs. I also do not share many pictures/videos of Pippa on the internet at the moment. One day this may change and everyday it’s a daily struggle not to be a pageant mum and post pictures of her “Look at Pippa in this baby grow… look how cute Pippa is with awake/asleep” etc etc. I think I may break when Pippa starts reaching milestones… but I’m trying to stay strong.

So anyway this is my chance to share a few pictures and moments with the world.



So a month on? What has changed/is still the same? Well Pippa is still as beautiful as when she was born and brings so much joy in both mine and Andy’s life, as well as everyone she meets. Pippa is a great baby as babies go.. I mean I don’t have much experience but she only cries when she is hungry, needs her nappy changing or occasionally when she wants a cuddle. Apart from that she is generally chilled and happy.

Pippa does have a sensor for when I am eating and will generally wake up/want feeding as soon as my food is ready. Apparently this is quite common? I’ve learnt that a cold fish finger is edible, but not ideal.

Pippa has indeed got a personality herself. She is a chilled, intelligent and an inquisitive little individual who is also stubborn and her stubbornness stands out most of all. She also had amazing neck control and strength for a 1 month old, throwing it back when she is hungry and wanting to look at the person who is holding her. In terms of milestones, Pippa hasn’t reached many yet because generally by one month there isn’t any to hit.



We have termed new phrases that we didn’t use before Pippa including “poosplosion” and “pipp-vom”, also talking about poo/showing nappies to each other is also new and now no longer bothers us. We are GROSS but do we care, NOPE! Many a times we have left the house with poo/wee/vomit on us only to realise when we are out, but as new found parents we no longer care.

As parents we have learnt that we can not longer stay up past 9/10 – we have tried and due to getting up for feeds in the night this is impossible! We are constantly sleep deprived and my bags under my eyes need names they are that big (any ideas??)

The learning curve of parenting, is definitely that! So the few obvious things we have learnt include not changing her on the bed during the night (We did go through quite a few duvet covers during the first week home). The car seat is Pippa’s haven and she will sleep for hours in it. Lucky for us we have not reached breaking point where we have had to drive for hours with her in it yet… yet.


We have learnt that Pippa enjoys nursery rhymes and that until we listened to them too we did not know there was a reggae version of old McDonald had a farm. THE THINGS YOU LEARN – MIND BLOWN.

I’m also looking into outfits on a daily basis so that myself and Pippa can twin. A is not a fan of this idea but one day Pippa will call me “lame.. or whatever kids say” and cross the street rather than walk with me so I may as well!


I hope you enjoyed this little update! Let me know if you want a monthly update or if you want one a 6 months.

Kay xx



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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

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