What I’ve learnt during my first pregnancy

Hello guys,

I’m 33 weeks pregnant when you are reading this?! It has gone so fast but these final weeks are really dragging as we just want to meet her now. Today when I was writing this, we had a little scare as I thought my waters had gone, just turns out I have a leaky bladder (TMI?!?!)

So as I reflect on my pregnancy, I thought what would have been useful for me at the beginning and I thought I would like to know some realities behind pregnancy.


YOU ARE going to put weight on.

There is no way around it and it’s not just going to be on your stomach, it’s going to be on all areas of your body. Luckily we have the rest of our lives to worry about our weight and body image so try to relax if you can about it. I have found it to be quite nice to have a breather from stressing about my weight and am looking forward to having a reason to eating healthier.


Do not compare your bump with other pregnant ladies’ bumps

Everyone grows as different speeds and like body shapes, your bump will be different. I went from having a bit of a food baby to being hugeeeee within a few weeks. I do admit I get bump envy from time to time.


Try not google it when you think something is wrong

The amount of times I googled my symptoms and was either dying, in labour or was just confused by the responses is too many to count. What I have figured out by now that if I’m worried then I need to go get checked out – no one thinks your a worry-wart as you have another human life to worry about now.

There are over 9 months of pregnancy. You don’t have to buy everything within the first 4 months.
I have nearly everything now with 7 weeks until D day. However a lot of it we did buy pretty early on because we were just so excited. If you can try contain yourselves for when you see deals.


You are probably going to go off sex. This is OK

The whole reason you ended up pregnant was because of the sex thing (I’m trying to be mature but still giggling when writing this) but throughout your pregnancy for different reasons you will just not feel up to it. Again your body is a pre-occupied and I’m sure it will return post-baby. Why do people have so many if not?

You may wet yourself a little from time to time when you laugh

I think we can cut ourselves some slack here. I just tell people now rather than cover it up if it happens when I cough/sneeze/laugh because it’s out of my hands! Again most people find it hilarious and by the 10th time it happens to you in a day, you will too!

There are many more truths about pregnancy I could occupy your minds with but that feels like a good place to finish.


Hope you enjoyed that little insight into my everyday life


Kay xx

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I'm Kate, a 25 year old going on 40 Northerner and a new mum to baby Pip. I also love taking pictures of my food, singing along to musicals and my dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging, so please be kind.

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