Our little break to the Lake District

Hey guys,

Those 5 days we spent in the Lake District seem like a lifetime ago now, back to the working mundane day. No afternoon scones or lazy evenings by the fire, instead it’s back to 9-5 (mostly 8).

If you have never been to the Lake District, I cannot recommend enough going. It’s so idelyic, peaceful and has the most beautiful views. I’ve been going every year to the same cottage with my family since I was born. Sometimes we go for the annual summer holiday or for a long weekend away. Unfortunately this time we were unable to participate in rambling, walks and strenuous hikes due to my pregnancy related pelvic pain. This doesn’t mean we weren’t able to enjoy some beautiful scenery and the benefit of been in a wonderful corner of the world that feels as if you are hidden from society.


Day 1: Arrival and exploration

After a rather long car journey, due to the many wee break stops and motorway havoc we eventually arrived in the little village known as Coniston. After giving Andy the grand tour, as he has never been here before and unpacking. We set off to explore the local town and to visit Coniston Lake. Andy was bemused by the quaintness of the town as most places do not accept card and there is no cash machine.

We also stopped at the local butchers and I was dismayed to find the butcher who my family has strong memories of, going back to when my mum was a child was not there (Luckily Andy spotted him a few days later phew!).

Putting my pain aside, we wondered down to Coniston Lake. As it is out of tourist season, it was perfectly quiet and wonderful for taking a few photos.

In the evening, we looked for somewhere to eat. We were going to attempt the local Indian restaurant, but when we walked in we thought we were in a horror film. I’m pretty sure the waiter was also the chef/bar tender/owner. After a swift exit, we came across the Crown Inn. From the outside, an average pub that might look us up and down as non-locals but inside it served a friendly atmosphere and good pub grub! I did discover I do not like Steak and Ale pie.


Day 2: Beatrix Potter World and cake

So after spending months been slightly smug about not getting ill over the winter period, I wake up struggling to breath and getting that horrible feeling when you swallow and can feel it in your ears. I blame Andy entirely for this as he has a cold for a good few weeks.

Declaring to Andy that I’m dying, he gets up to saves the day and makes us a super massive cooked breakfast with the food we obtained from the butchers.


After getting ready, we ventured out and drove to Windermere where Beatrix Potter World is. I was so so so excited for this as I love Peter Rabbit and I’m pretty sure a lot of the baby items are Peter Rabbit related. I cannot recommend going enough, especially if you are a big fan or have children. My mum tells me we went when I was a child but I cannot recall.

Below are a few pictures that I took from the day. The best part was the gift shop at the end!

Following this we drove into the town centre and went for lunch. We settled on a small cafe called Graze. It was recommended on TripAdvisor, however we only stayed for lunch despite wanting cake as it was very simple food. I had an egg mayo sandwich and Andy had the soup of the day… sounds a bit boring when written down.

Determined to find cake, we drove to a place I recalled from my childhood near Coniston Lake called “The Spinning Jenny”. However I was dismayed to find that it has been taken over and it now an upmarket cafe part of a museum. Nevertheless it served cake and had great views. I had a raspberry and blackcurrant flapjack and Andy has a slice of salted Caramel cake, all washed down with plenty of tea.

In the evening we relaxed in front of the fire and I finished watching Line of Duty, whilst Andy cooked tea.

Day 3: Ambleside and food.

After a lazy morning at the cottage due to us both feeling like death, we dragged ourselves up and had a simple breakfast of toast, yogurt and fruit. We got ready for the day and I drove us to Ambleside, a nearby town. This town has a lot more to offer in terms of shops compared to Coniston, but the shops are mostly walking gear.

We went to a cafe that I have gone to probably every time I’ve visited called “The Apple Pie Bakery” obviously famous for it’s Apple pie. It’s a family run business and very charming inside. Over the year it’s taken off in popularity and expanded. We both had a jacket potato and then indulged in a scone, clotted cream and jam (what the holiday was all about!)


After pottering around the town, both feeling sleepy and ill we decided to call it a day. We stocked up on medication from the pharmacy and headed back to the cottage where we spend time reading, doing puzzles and watching a youtube video of the Queen getting excited by cows.

In the evening time, we had our last supper in front of the fire and played 6/7 games of “shithead” and I unfortunately lost.

Day 4: Heading home a day early

After a relaxed morning and good food, we headed back to our home town of Stoke-On-Trent.

It’s such a shame we had to leave early, but we discovered we are both very competitive when it comes to card games and hopefully when baby is born, we can go back.

Hope your enjoyed my ramble about our little adventure away.

Kay xx

If you are interested in where we stayed:

Melbourne Cottage

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